Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to add etsy mini to blogger

Here are the instructions for adding etsy mini to blogger (v2 blogger with widgets)

  1. Open your blog in one window
  2. Sign in to your blog
  3. Once you've signed in, view your blog
  4. Now up the top in the right you should see a link 'Customize' - click it now you're on a page with the template - page elements page, you'll see the 'Add and Arrange Page Elements' title on it - leave this window open
  5. Now open up another window with your etsy store in it and login to etsy
  6. Go to 'Your Etsy'
  7. Down the bottom on the left hand side you'll see a link 'Etsy Mini' - click it
  8. Now you should be on the 'Build your own Etsy Mini' page.
  9. Choose 'Items from my shop' and 'Thumbnail', to start with just choose 1 column and 4 rows (need to see what fits in the space available)
  10. After you've made these choices a preview of what we are going to put on your blog will appear underneath (it always shows your featured items and then the most recently listed)
  11. Scroll down on the 'Build your own Etsy Mini' page until you see 'Copy this code for the javascript version', copy all of the code inside the box under it (click inside the box under it then press the [ctrl] and [c] keys on your keyboard at the same time OR just highlight it, right click with the mouse and choose 'copy')
  12. Now go back to your blog window - the one with the 'Add and Arrange Page Elements' title on it
  13. There should be a few boxes on it - Probably one at the top nearly the full width with 'NAVBAR' on it, another one under that (probably 'Header') then under that there will be a big square ('Blog Posts') and one or more down the right hand side - click on the one in the top right ('Add a Page Element').
  14. A new smaller window will have opened with lots of options. Scroll down until you see 'HTML/JavaScript' and click on the 'ADD TO BLOG' button under it.
  15. Now you'll see 'Configure HTML/JavaScript'. You can leave the title blank if you want to (I do - I don't think it needs one).
  16. Click inside the 'Content' box and paste the code that we copied from Etsy for Etsy Mini (press the [ctrl] and [v] keys on your keyboard at the same time OR just highlight it, right click with the mouse and choose 'paste')
  17. Click the 'SAVE CHANGES' under the box.
  18. Now that little window we were working in will close and your back to the 'Add and Arrange Page Elements' page. The element we just added always goes to the top, so it will now be the box in the upper right under the 'Add a Page Element' box - the new box will have 'HTML/JavaScript' on it.
  19. If you don't want it at the top of the page you can drag it with the mouse down the page (it will only go as far as to be the last thing in that column though - all of the elements are grouped at the top of the page)
  20. Make sure the orange 'SAVE' button has been pressed (top right of the page, over all the boxes) - it will often look faded, that's because blogger has automatically saved it for you.
  21. Click 'View Blog' (at the top in the yellow box) - if you get a warning something along the lines of 'This page has not been saved, do you want to save it before navigating away' answer yes and make sure you click the orange 'SAVE' button.

ok, so now you should see your etsy mini showing in the right hand column of your blog.

You know what? No one is born knowing these things and we all learn in different ways (mine seems to be mostly from making my own mistakes)

Good luck!!