2011 Sewing

2011 Sewing Goals and Achievements

Well, I did manage to get some off the list and of course got distracted and did a whole heap of other things.

This was the year of discovering overseas pattern sales and deciding that if I can buy it for $5, it's not worth drafting (unless of course it's a sack).

Emery pincushions
Blue slinky knit dress - self drafted
Paper tape dressform
Paper tape dressform
Vogue 8555 - Hibiscus dress

Christmas apron
Mod sheath
Cling wrap bodice dress
Wearable muslin sheath
Refashion - Maxi to day dress (Palm dress)

Knit dress TNTKnit dress TNTGet creative retro dress

  1. Fix up and mount my paper tape dress form. Jan
  2. Finish working out the fit on my self drafted sheath dress. Jan
  3. Sort out and organise the sewing notions, tools and fabric. Jan
  4. Make up the sheath dress from the quilt cover I bought to make a wearable muslin with. Jan
  5. Use Mum's fave fabric to make an A-line shift. Feb
  6. Make an emery pin cushion. Feb
  7. Make an elastised wrist pin cushion. Feb
  8. Make the cushion covers from the fabric we bought in Ecuador. - just need the buttons sewn on
  9. Make coasters from Ecuadorian left overs.
  10. Draft a shirt dress pattern. - ended up buying a couple of RTW and a Vogue pattern
  11. Sew the shirt dress.
  12. Have a go at drafting Simplicity 2497 (really, it looks easy .... we'll see) - drafting now - ended up getting the real pattern in a sale.
  13. Make up above ..... (and decide which fabric to use)
  14. Use Mum's scrap of Egyptian print (left over from a dress she made when she was at school) as a trim on a dress.
  15. Draft a princess line dress. - ended up getting an 'Amazing Fit' pattern in a sale.
  16. Sew a princess line dress.
  17. Draft an empire sheath dress.- ended up getting a pattern in a sale.
  18. Make the empire sheath dress.
  19. Copy the pattern of my fine white sleeveless top.
  20. Test the Singer sewing machine. 
  21. Draft & make a winter cape like this. - ended up getting the pattern in a sale.
  22. Make this funky scarf.
  23. Draft & make a black short sleeved bolero (woven fabric).
  24. Draft & make a black long sleeved shrug for winter (knit fabric).
  25. Make covers for my ergonomic chair.
  26. Make bags for overlocker & sewing machines to put cords and foot pedal in.
  27. Vogue 8633 - coral linen.
    Techniques to learn and/or use

    1. Rolled hem on my serger. - tried and tried but it still looked yuk, maybe it was the fabric.
    2. 5mm & 3mm overlock on serger. - I was using the same fabric as for the rolled hem and it wasn't successful.
    3. Piping.
    4. Lapped zipper.- Okay, I used did this on the vintage navy cotton dress, the zip I threw in while I was adjusting fit was perfect ....... then I took it out and the final stab at it (doing it the 'proper' way) was less than perfect, maybe I should just stick to the 'tiger' way.

    1. Blue kimono dress - make a new skirt that is not a size 000 from the red jersey dress I have never worn
    2. Plaid shirt

    1. Hem black dress - that one inch will make a big difference when I'm wearing flats!
    2. Hem the crazy coloured dress and fix that funky tie thing.