Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Christmas Apron

I was at spotlight, taking advantage of their "$30 off if you spend over $100" before Christmas and came across this in the reduced Christmas fabric. Quick call to tigerboy "Do your Mum and Dad wear aprons? You know, when they're cooking?" a description of the item followed .... "Yeah, baby, I think they'd really like that." (He is one of those people that believe that hand made ALWAYS trumps factory made - regardless of the workmanship - and it couldn't possibly be received with anything less than huge amounts of joy and gratitude.) Ok, so I'll lay down the $7.77 for it, even though I'm sure it'll never be used (I can count on the one hand the number of times that I've worn an apron) ......... it's the thought that counts right?

Well, tigerboy was so intrigued with the concept of the shapes needed already being printed on the fabric that he wanted a photo of what we started with.

While I was overlocking the edge and turning it under to sew it down I got him to turn the straps I'd already sewn inside out .......... oh the drama! First, I showed him how to do it , ages later he says "Is it supposed to be all rucked up like this? It won't turn inside out!", you can imagine what it looked like. I fixed it, showed him again. Then, "I'm not very good at this - I don't think I can do it." Yeah, if you think I'm falling for that one buddy, you've got another think coming! Very calmly, "That's ok, you'll get better, there are four of them." "FOUR!!!! I'll never get them done! Why does it need four?" "Just keep going babe - you want to post it today don't you?" (It had to get to England for Christmas.)

After all of that drama (because, you know, it's a couture apron, bound to be an heirloom), he was so proud of his contribution that he wanted to model it.

Of course his parents called as soon as they received it to thank us - he proudly told them it was handmade by both of us (let's not forget his monumental contribution of turning the straps inside out) and explained how it had been so neatly printed on the fabric. They in turn, told him that it was soooooo professional and they'd both been wearing it for cooking. He was chuffed to say the least.

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  1. Wow - what a great apron. If I hadn't seen the first picture I would have thought it appliquéd.. What a great present to send overseas