Monday, January 30, 2012

Sewing contests ..... I finally entered

Ok, I've entered not one but two sewing contests at Pattern Review. I've been vacillating on whether or not to enter either or both of these contests.

  • Tigerboy needs summer pj's (good for the menswear contest)
  • I actually bought at least two lots of red fabric (a satin & a knit) to make a summer dress with on my last Sydney trip. (Red dress contest)

  • Seriously, knit summer pj's are hardly a contender are they? I've seen the types of menswear the PR'ers put together!
  • I have no idea what type of red summer dress I want ......... none! I really want to make an 'everyday' dress which rules out the satin and I don't know that I bought enough of the knit to do anything other than a sheath. I have no illusions on coming close to winning this one either but that's not the point, which bring me back to......

  • Tigerboy really does need these pj's now, while summer is still here - this contest would give me the impetus to move it, move it. I've been wanting to try a reverse applique parrot for him for ages which would be a good way to gussy up a boring pair of pj's AND they could be a replacement Christmas present for the discovery dive I had planned to pay for for him on Heron Island (which due to a few reasons didn't pan out).
  • That fabric is not going to make itself up, neither are all of those patterns!
  • I told tigerboy about the contests - he thinks it's a great idea, especially the menswear contest, quelle surprise!
  • Basically, I'm hoping that these contests give me the motivation to start and there's a deadline to meet, so maybe things won't linger unhemmed, migrating around the sewing room. Of course this could back fire and turn into an ......

  • What if I don't meet the deadline? Will I be letting people down? Will the pressure overwhelm me and push me into doing nothing but stress and procrastinate?

Finally tally? The FOR's won, so there we go, I bit the bullet and entered not one, but both. So starts the stress.

Tigerboy reminded me of the linen pants I told him I'd make him and I told him I had something else in mind, it went something like this:
"Oh ........... what is it?"
"It's a surprise."
"Don't you need to measure me?"
"Nope." (That would be because I'm copying the one pair he has.)
"But how will you know how to make it?" a little uncertainty and confusion is starting to enter his voice now.
"I'm flying by the seat of my pants baby!"
He takes a moment to look me up and down .............he's in panic mode now. "You're not wearing any pants!" (It's summer time and I had a stomach ache - they had to go after we'd come home from lunch.)
"You're right! And these undies don't even have what you'd call a seat." (I was wearing a thong.) "It's going to be interesting!" I was grinning like a maniac, while he was trying to mentally talk himself down - he's so easy!!

I'm thinking that the parrot should be on the bottom of one leg of the shorts and maybe on a sleeve ........... not sure. Not even sure I'll be able to do this reverse applique thing but you know, I'll have a bash at it. So here are some examples of reverse applique with birds (his won't be as cute or feminine, obviously).

From showtellshare (there's also a tutorial).

This one is something that Karen submitted to BlueMeadowDesigns

From Mellebug

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