Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Static cling remedies

The last dress I posted suffered from static cling of monumental proportions - and that would be why it's only been worn twice. A bit of googling came up with some remedies that may or may not be useful.

Not useful for that dress:
  • choose a natural fibre (too late she cried)
  • don't put it in the drier (I don't even have one, so I've done that)
  • shake it when it comes out of the drier (see above)
What might be useful:
  • adding vinegar or borax to the wash/rinse cycle (I have my doubts this'll work on that particular garment)
  • the metal hanger trick (is this something I'd have to redo whilst wearing it every so often? If so, it's hardly convenient.) 
  • helpful hint from ReadyThreadSew ->  "wash with a bit more fabric conditioner than you might usually use" (In my case that would mean actually buying some because I've never used it but if all else fails I'll give it a go.)
  • rub a dryer sheet over it (not having a dryer, I'm not familiar with these but it's more convenient than carrying a metal hanger around with me)
What I will try first:
  • wearing a slip (remains to be seen whether I'd then have two layers of cling)
  • rubbing body lotion on over your tights (this is the first one I'll be trying because part of me is wondering if the tights are a major player here) UPDATE: THIS WORKS REALLY WELL!
The thing with that dress is that the static cling doesn't build up over the course of wearing it - it's there as soon as the dress goes on! Maybe we could see about hooking it up to some electrical appliances to save on the electricity bill?

I'll update with my findings because, you know, I'm highly scientific.

For more info on these remedies:
End Static Cling Six Ways
How do you deal with static cling?

And, just because it's my blog and I'll post whatever pics grab my fancy:

Actually - this is a bit sewing related. This tunic top was not the best look on me - straight from bust to hips, nothing in the way of waist definition. It's a lovely fine cotton, great for hot, hot weather but a belt in 45 degree plus is just one more layer so the waist got shirred.   See the paisley?

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  1. I always have this problem, this and then getting shocked by door handles. I'm going to try the vinegar idea and the lotion rubbing. It just can get embarrassing if the dress sticks in the wrong places. Great tips! Thank you!