Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to replace the bogan pants that will never die (much to Tigerboy's disgust)

So, I travel overseas at least once a year. I take a backpack and I travel light. Over the last 20+ years, I've come up with my own travel capsule wardrobe that works - most of the time. For the last few years, these pants always get thrown in (actually, they're usually worn on the plane). Here's some evidence:



Hong Kong

Yeah, not the most flattering but they're comfy, lightweight, durable, don't take up a lot of room and can be worn in a variety of temps, from chilly to fairly warm - they also double up to wear under long pants if it's more than a little chilly (I don't travel with jeans -  too heavy and bulky and if it's cold, they're cold on my skin). Ok, I wouldn't wear them outside the house here at home, but where people don't know me? It's a free for all! (Unless of course I'm somewhere like the middle East.) They're also well over ten years old, so if they get lost or wrecked, it's no big deal.

The problem? Tigerboy hates them with a passion. According to him they make me look like a bogan which would fall into his "people to avoid at all costs" category (that would also be why there aren't more countries represented here - he can't even stand to take pics of me wearing them).

On one trip, the bogan pants developed a tiny hole. Tigerboy was elated -
"You'll have to get rid of them now, they're past it." 
"Hmmm, it can be fixed."
"Honey, I think they're just too old and they're starting to fall apart."
"I wouldn't get too excited, I have two pairs."
"You don't."
"I do."
Oh, the look of horror - to think that I not only purchased one pair, but two! Double misery!

So, we're off again and now I have him begging me not to take the bogan pants (honest to goodness begging). Now, it's not as if I'd wear them anywhere that we'll run into people we know or a city trip but I think he's reached his tolerance level.

Problem two? I just can't think of a suitable replacement. I have some knit palazzo pants but for a lot of our activities, all that fabric flapping around would be really irritating. I have the proper travel pants (you know, quick dry, pockets everywhere, dull, yukky colours) but they're not nearly warm enough for where we're going. I have 'nice' travel pants but they're not rugged enough for some of the stuff we do.

Oddly, I think one of his biggest problems is the two stripes down the side. In my book, that just marks them as 'exercise' wear, rather than 'I think I look good in these' wear.

As much as I enjoy teasing him, I think these pants are taking it to the level of mental torture for him. What to do? Maybe I should look into pants therapy for him, that would probably be the easiest way around it.

EDIT: I do actually have some decent, stylish pants that I take overseas as well, for those times when we're not in transit for 10+ hours or doing hours of walking in unpopulated areas etc. (ok, I occassionally wear these in populated areas too). BeaJay has me considering some super stretchy bootcut pants as a replacement though .....but then of course, they won't do double duty as thermals, and I already take a pair of bengaline bootcuts with me ..............


  1. Come on - come clean - you've kept them for so long to torture the boy - like poking a tiger (he he) in a cage.

    Seriously - you should check out some of the StyleArc patterns for pants. Much more stylish.. I know that style isn't on the mind when trekking in Ecuador but it would make the boy happy... Love the travel pics. I tend to go to touristy places - I am not the off the beaten track type person - the beaten track is much too comfortable.

  2. Yeah, yeah, you got me BeaJay, but seriously, although I'm not against a little (lot?) of begging, it's getting ridiculous.

    I do actually travel with a pair of stylish pants too but they just don't fit all of the requirements for all activities. Sheesh, the way he carries on, you'd think these were the only pants I took travelling.

    I had toyed with the idea of making some similar pants out of some leopard print knit that I scored from my Aunt, sending him a pic and then offering them as an alternative ......... I think he might get on board the bogan pants train if he thought that was his only alternative. (I don't really want to waste the fabric though - even I wouldn't wear those in public, overseas or not.)

    Tigerboy and I have had to compromise our travelling styles to be able to travel together - there's no way I'd get him right off the beaten track, be assured, comfort is high on his priority list.

    Not too long before I'll be snorkelling between the tectonic plates in Iceland!! (no prizes for guessing whose idea that was)

    1. Brrrr... my cousin married an Icelantic gent and lived in Iceland for 10 years. When she came back to sunny Aus her son was 5yo. She said she had to put him in the fridge to get him to sleep! The leopard skin pants sounds like a great idea - even better - plaid! Enjoy..

    2. Let me tell you BeaJay - they don't call it Iceland for nothing! We were there at the end of Summer - still cold! One day it was 3 degrees - middle of the day! (That was the coldest day though, I have to admit)

  3. This year's July burda I (think) has a 'pants' pattern for stable knit. And it looks more 'pant-like' than these. Might wanna try those as a compromise.

    1. Ah, but then there's the problem that a stable knit is heavier and hotter. Because I am a very considerate girlfriend, I didn't wear them (outside the house) on this trip and actually left them in England. I did however resort to two layers of thermal long johns in Iceland which tigerboy thought was perfectly acceptable (due to the lack of stripes) and some cropped tights that his Aunt had given his Mother that she had deemed would be suitable for me (also acceptable due to lack of stripes). For the rest of the time, knit palazzo pants were the go.