Thursday, May 3, 2012

Donate to charity to build your stash!

I have been clearing out again, which means donating clothes etc. to charity. Yes, the whole point is to have less. So, in I go to St Vinnies to drop off a bag and ........................ left with this lot for $4.50! - two Vogue patterns, hem facing, bias, piping cord and etc.

Completely missed the point of that whole exercise!

In my defence - I don't have many bouses in my wardrobe and I think I may have just doubled my blouse patterns. Yeah, I forgive myself - there were extenuating circumstances (my eyes were open).

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  1. I just started to donate to charity some of my clothes and now I don't have many clothes in my wardrobe, I think I may have to double my shopping for donating to charity. It feels really good, thought I'd just share!