Monday, May 7, 2012

How to use a thimble

When I saw this in my book "Successful Dressmaking", I thought "Oh, that's how it's done". So, you're probably thinking I've never used a thimble ........ I have and I own one. I do however remember not knowing how to correctly use it and mucking around until I finally came up with the idea that's illustrated (I think I did anyway - it was quite a few years ago). In the intervening years, I'd apparently forgotten again. Which leads me to another thing - I recently had to use my thimble and it's way too small. I know I would have bought a cheap one and I'm pretty sure that at the time I didn't have a choice of sizes. Maybe it's one of those situations where you need to pay more for a 'custom' fit?


  1. I used to be a craft magazine editor and somehow managed to hand quilt an entire quilt - for which I used 2 thimbles, two different sizes, two different types. One I used to hit the needle with under the fabric and deflect it back up to the right side. The other was 'grippy' which the 'eye' of the needle so it was easy to push it back through. Once you get used to them thimbles can save you a lot of pain!

  2. I know someone that creates entire quilts by hand - I find this astounding! I actually have a new plastic one that's got a dimple for the needle, thought it would be good but it's a very hard plastic and if you don't get it right the needle just slides off. Mum discovered that she had a bajillion thimbles and gave me a few - they're bigger, so they're much more user friendly. I don't do a lot of hand sewing - hems and attaching lining are the two main things (I taught tigerboy to sew on his own buttons and although he has to ask me how to start and finish each time, he actually enjoys it ....... I need to teach him how to do a nice hem!)