Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making an A-line skirt pattern from a straight skirt pattern

This is the pattern I used for the skirt in the cling wrap bodice dress and both of the Vogue 8728 dresses. I started out with the skirt pattern from my Vogue 8555 Hibiscus dress. I'd spent ages mucking around to get the darts right and lowering the waist for my sway back, so I knew it fitted (as well as I could get it to, anyway). I remembered seeing this tip somewhere and from what I could remember it made sense that it would work, so I had a search through some of my books. There it was in Enid Gilchrist's 70's Styles.

Basically, you just slash from the hem up to the bottom of each dart, close the darts and viola! Perfectly fitting A-line.

I didn't add the suggested extensions to the sides, which means that mine are kind of slim fitting through the hips but that was what I wanted.


  1. Enid's cover art cracks me up. You can tell which one has the 'mature figure' simply by the facial expressions. Looks like there is no fun to be had once you're past your twenties!

  2. Ha! You're so right - I think the pics where the 'mature' one is wearing a party dress are more frightening though, it looks as though they're trying and failing miserably to look like they're in party mood - not good.