Saturday, June 2, 2012

Travel shorts & bla bla

I made these little black shorts years ago, specifically for travelling overseas (where no one I know will see me). I copied the pattern of some pyjama shorts, modified it heavily so that they weren't actually gathered at the waist and the inside legs were perpendicular to the ground (I've discovered that that curve on the inside leg generally doesn't work for me - it needs some serious readjustment). I even lengthened them but not really enough - there's no way I'd be wearing these anywhere except places where the odds of me running into someone I know are slim (Panama, Cuba, Ecuador etc.).

Tigerboy was suitably scandalised that I was going to wear something so revealing out in public (suck it up baby, my entire reason for living is to have you fear for what I'll wear next ~rolling my eyes~). The waist band is actually just a piece of the knit doubled over and serged to the body of the shorts - no elastic, no rope. I had my doubts that this waistband arrangement would stand the test of time but it's still fine. They're great for travel, comfy, crease proof and can scrumple up to fit in my two hands (bras take up a lot more room).

I don't have any good pics that feature them but you can actually see them in these pics (two of them, anyway).

Heron Island - ha, see the shorts? Oh, you can't even see me?

Ecuador - I would have to say that I am accomplished in the art of falconry (cough, cough, cough) - just ignore that concerned look on the assistant's face.

Hawaii - just look at that glowing skin lol

In other news:
  • The Palin bag is finally finished - that thing is like the cockroaches, it'll survive a nuclear disaster (it had better after all of the blood, sweat and tears)
  • Butterick 5672 - many people have made it and it looks awesome on them. I had a feeling that it wouldn't go so well for me, I could see those pleats drooping but really, how can so many people (all with different body shapes) get such great results and not me? Well, I've managed to sucessfully go against the crowd - droopy mess. I'm undecided as to whether I'll put MORE frustration into it or not.
  • Burda scoop neck dress - late last night I realised that I'd cut it out without the s.a.'s - what can I say? I have had some serious brain malfunctions lately, B5672 actually had me concerned for my sanity at one point.
  • The size 22 dress refashion is done, it's also been worn - I imagine that in a couple of months there will even be pics.
  • Of course there's also been the (seemingly) endless but incredibly exciting (no, not so much) mending and fixing jobs eg. 
"Hon, these pyjama pants keep coming undone and falling down."
"Tie the waist tighter." (Yes, I am very sympathetic to these situations.)
"I tried, they keep coming undone, is there anything you can do?"
"There's a lot of things I can do - water ski, shoot, cook - I don't think any of that will help though." (Ok, I didn't actually say that, I took the path of least resistance and offered the elastic solution - I'm a saint.)


  1. Hey Tigergirl - if I had pins like yours I'd be wearing those shorts all the time.

    1. Thanks BeaJay but there's a reason you only get a side view.

  2. AND I have to say I am 100% envious of the falconry

    1. Oh yes, that experience lasted a total of probably 2 minutes but I must have it in my blood because that bird did exactly what I wanted it to ;-) We have a rosella that hangs out outside our kitchen, I've put the work gloves on and everything but he just doesn't seem to know what is required of him, obviously the bird is mentally deficient - never work with animals or children, that's all I have to say. Maybe if I tried the shorts on him ........ they might be the key.

    2. I think it might be the bright plumage of the Rosella - they think that they are "all that" and don't have to do what is expected.

    3. Now that you mention it, I have noticed a 'nose-in-the-air' vibe coming off him. Yes, well spotted BeaJay, you're on the money - the hide of him!

  3. You look fabulous! What a fun post!

  4. Thanks Karen - it's probably time to do another (longer) version of these shorts, they've had some rough treatment over the years.