Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The stash

How did my stash grow so big? (Although, let's be honest, it's quite modest compared to what some people have.)

My Mother finally realised that all of those fabrics etc. that she bought when we were kids (I'm over 40) were never going to be sewn by her - she doesn't even like sewing! Bam! Her stash decreases, mine increases.

A couple of trips a year back to Sydney where I can buy ultra cheap and different fabric (compared to Brisbane) and feel obligated to take advantage of the fact while I am there - tigerboy even encourages this!

Finding PR and deciding that if I can buy a pattern for $5 or less from o'seas it is not worth my time drafting it (then of course, I need to take advantage of the fact that the cost per pattern decreases as you buy more because of the international shipping).

The odd find of 6 metres of satin for $2 or a large silk dress for $3 at the charity shop ........... the very occassional time I go to Spotlight and actually find something I really like on their clearance table ......... you get the picture.

As for machines - I have six. My first overlocker (ebay purchase years ago) which was a PITA for me to use and was replaced with a new one from Aldi a few years ago which has definately been worth what I paid. My first machine which was a hand-me-down from my Grandmother in my late teens (still gets used). A new Brother (fairly basic) that I bought a few years ago because they had a good sale on and Mum thought I really deserved a new machine - in a lot of respects I still prefer my old Janome. I've got one of those little dinky 'toy' sewing machines that only does straight stitch - Spotlight was clearing them out for $15 ea. - surprisingly, it actually sews quite well. And of course there's the old Singer that a teacher gave me as the school was getting rid of some of their old machines - it doesn't get used, it's a back up (I brought it home and put it downstairs in the rumpus room, which we never use. Tigerboy happened to go in there and almost in a panic tells me there's another sewing machine!
"Is there?"
"Yes! It's in the rumpus room!"
"Huh! Fancy that."
"Honey, they're breeding! How did it get there?"
"Guess they are breeding"

He was perplexed.) The Brother, Janome and Aldi overlocker are permanently set up.


  1. Ooh, if I could get my grubby mitts on my mum's stash, my fabric hoarding would reach diabolical proportions. Fortunately for both our sakes, she has relinquished nothing!

    1. Mine has just grown again! I just got back from Adelaide where I was staying with my Aunt who was an avid sewer, knitter and a million other things. Her house is overflowing and she has other things to occupy her time these days - time to load up the niece. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), she was an avid crafter (unlike Mum), so her older fabrics were used up and it seems she ditched her older patterns (50's -> 70's). She also has slightly different taste to me but let me tell you, I still got quite the windfall.

      Really must start churning through it all!

  2. I am guilty of fabric hoarding, too. I just bought about 10 yards of really pretty fabrics that I have no clear plan for. It is the middle of summer in the desert and I bought a red wool... I only have two machines, though. Seems like I need to catch up to you.

    1. This is why I rarely let myself go near fabric stores! 10 yards is a minor haul for me. And as for clear plans - I always thought they were mythical. You definately need more machines, get a couple that you never use and we'll talk ;-)