Sunday, August 1, 2010

So a new blog .... and a wardrobe overhaul / makeover

Ok, in the interest of full disclosure I'll let you know, this is my second blog. My first one was mostly concerned with my online store at etsy and the jewelry I made for it - that blog was abandoned when I started working long, long hours. Not surprisingly, I didn't start it again when I went back to university to do a post grad, nor on any of my overseas trips, nor this year when I finally finished the post grad but went back to working long hours. In the mean time, I lost my jewelry making muse (still selling a lot of supplies from my Dawanda store) but got reacquainted with my sewing muse.

Anyway, to cut a long, long story short, I decided to make a 'general purpose' blog. The catalyst for this new blog? I am starting a wardrobe overhaul / makeover and it seemed to me that I might feel more satisfaction if I documented it to see the progress made. Who knows? I might even get some helpful hints and tips!

See all of those drawers? Most of them are mine and they're FULL.
 I have way too many clothes for the space I have and you know how it goes ......... there are a lot that don't get worn for one reason or another (I don't always know the reason either).

I've decided my mission is to go through my entire wardrobe and make sure everything in it is wearable - I'm so sick of not having enough space and 'forgetting' that I have things (last week I lost a dress! - ok, it turned out it was in the clean laundry pile but still, it's ridiculous if there's so much that you can't find a dress, it's not as if it's something tiny like a thong). Now I need to work out why I don't wear that dress I bought 4 years ago that still has the price tag in it, the skirt that I wore once and have passed over ever since etc. And what about the things I've forgotten I have?

The walk-in wardrobe is jam packed.

One of my missions is to get more work wear out of this endeavour - I'm there 5 days a week, so it makes sense that most of my clothes should be suitable for work. I don't work in the corporate world anymore, so my work clothes don't need to be ultra professional these days, but although my current dress code is quite casual, I don't want to wear anything too revealing.

The way I figure it, there will be things that need fixing (missing buttons, too long etc.), things that need more alteration (too much cleavage etc.) and a few major overhauls, there will also be the things that I can't be bothered with and can go into my craft bin until I need them (yeah, I'll probably never need/use them if the ever expanding pile is anything to go by). Of course there will be some that need to hit the bin and others that I think someone else will probably get much more use out of (they go to Vinnies).

There are the shoes too .............. I've made a start there.

So, first up is this red dress I paid $5.05 for (I know this because the price tag was still attached) a few (3/4?) years ago. Why wasn't it worn? Well, at the time, it was slightly too big - that is no longer a problem (every cloud has it's silver lining).  There's also the fact that it's just a tad low in the cleavage area and it isn't fixable with a safety pin, that just makes the cross front REALLY weird looking - I tried every way I could think of.  I was in front of the mirror for 20 minutes trying to figure out what kind of magic I could pull with scissors, a sewing machine and an overlocker - it was starting to get complicated. Finally, I decided to put it on backwards .............. could it be, that this works? I think it's quite demure with the flats ... more on that later.

I think it's a little bit 'Mad Men'.
Oh, and the red heels? Bought them about 6 years ago - they've never been worn! (except for this shot obviously). I know why I've never worn them - the straps have a line of little crystals on them and it seems that something harsh and scratchy like fishing line was used to sew them on - need to get something that will cover the scratchiness so that they can be worn! What to use??

It turns out that I actually two of these dresses - the other one is a blue/white/cream print. Same deal with this one, although I seem to be missing the belt for it. Rather than using another belt I think I'll just cut the belt loops off, it's fitting enough without the belt and the pattern breaks up a large expanse anyway.

Wow, that was easy, two 'new' dresses - all I had to do to actually make them wearable (for me) was put them on backwards. My girlfriend came around while I was still wearing the red dress. She assures me it doesn't look like it's on backwards (I'll bet my partner does though - a neckline that is lower in the back than the front seems to confuse men in my experience).

Here's a good article regarding wardrobe overhauls:
Fabulous Femme’s Ten Commandments For A Wardrobe Overhaul

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