Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cleaning out the craft supplies

It's not only clothes, shoes and handbags - it's all of those craft supplies that I no longer want/need/use that contribute to the clutter. Sometimes I really feel like filling up the wheelie bin with them so that I no longer have to see them, or at the very least, donating them to a school / kindy etc. But then I stop myself - there's a lot of money tied up in that stuff! So, over the last few years I've been gradually selling it off on both Dawanda and Etsy. I no longer bother with the Etsy store, just the Dawanda store.

So far I've managed to list nearly all of the rubber stamps and brass charms. I figure that even if I get back some of what I paid and it goes to someone who will use it, I haven't lost right? Plus, I've made more space (although, that is slow progress).

I still have to do the beads, findings, yarn, scrapbooking stuff ............... ugh, the list is endless! It's a tedious job too, the listing process. At some point I'll probably get sick of it all and donate, until then I'll just steadily list and sell.

I also have miles of fabric but that is something that I do use (on and off) and my renewed interest in sewing has me inspired to start making a dint in that particular stash. But I need to make room for new clothes by dealing with the old ones taking up space! Just looking at what I already have and the fabric yet to sew, I might be able to get out of washing clothes for 12 months!

At this point, I'm actually relieved when I discover something that isn't salvageable in any way, shape or form and can toss it without guilt.

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