Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New (old but unworn) outfit!

With my new resolution going strong, I wore an outfit today that I have never worn -
  • skirt I bought years ago (never worn)
  • shirt I bought years ago (worn a couple of times but the black one I got at the same it has been worn a LOT) 
  • boots from years ago (maybe worn once - they're brown and I usually wear black) 
  • wrap from a couple of years ago (used a couple of times - I nearly always have a wrap with me, so convenient for layering and adjusting warmth but you guessed it, I'm always using the black one) 
  • even a pair of nylons that were still in the packet and have been hanging around for years!
    I actually got a few of compliments, not to mention people were so surprised to see me in something other than black.

    These aren't my preferred style of boot - I like square toes with either a wedge or thin rectangular heel (don't know what that heel style is actually called). One thing that did drive me nuts all day was whenever I was sitting or going up or down stairs the heel would catch on the skirt. argh!!!

    Anyway, I think that for the time being I'll incorporate this into my winter work wardrobe. Might have to remove the snaggies from the heels though to reduce that little problem .......... there's a knife in the gardening gear that should do the job.

    Addendum: I may not need more sandals but I've decided I definately need at least one more pair of boots!

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